Version 2023/05/14
Created 2018/01/09
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11ffload~ starts a separate thread to decode audio files and write into a buffer~.

Compared to buffer~‘s own method of loading files, we are not blocked until the complete file has been decoded and written to the refered buffer~, we can start playback while the remaining data is written.
The goal was to make a fast pre-listener for any kind of audio file format.

But it is also a flexible tool beyond that special loading feature.      

- load surround sound channels from video files

- define exactly the timeframe and channels to be loaded from the source file or buffer~

- and replace or mix content into the target buffer with optional fadetimes

- possible conversions while loading e.g. samplerate, mono mixdown 

- get file properties including metadata(text only) without loading audio into a buffer~

- based on ffmpeg, we support a lot of audio formats, https://ffmpeg.org/general.html#Audio-Codecs


Please check out the included .maxhelp file to get a better picture.

11ffload_replace 11ffload_importreplace2 11ffload_import3


  • added stream_nb attribute to manually select a stream e.g. Native Instruments STEM file format
  • metadatadict now includes info about streams of a file
  • updated help patcher


  • added importreplace, import and info messages
  • added resample, metadatadict and import related attributes
  • added "channel route" argument for all messages
  • added ability to import from another buffer~
  • updated help patcher