I'm back with this instrument. Like in a previous device, I use Ableton Live's file database as a sample source but this time it's a sample player at the same time. My goal was to have a pretty complete set of controls of a simple sampler engine like playback direction, loop modes, pitch, filter, envelopes, panning, volume and a seemless communication with the database in the background.

The device makes it easy to take a trip through your soundfiles by just pressing Next or Prev (midimapable buttons btw) independent from your folder structure. What I like to do is combining multiple instances in a drumrack with something that generates midi notes and build little generative music maschines. Again not your average Max4Live device instead an innovative approach with well thought out Max patches. 

I've learned so much while creating this about MSP (signal processing objects in Max), databases in general, handling dictionarys and databases in a C-external, porting everything over from Windows to xcode on Mac, make multiple instances of the same device talking with each other etc. It was a great jorney and it's not finished. I hope for some feedback and already have my own to-do list for this.