novation nocturn pic

The idea came up when i tryed to install the Novation Nocturn again after a long time and itegrate it into Ableton Live. It's a pain. You really can't use this device without Automap, the software provided by Novation to create mappings for midi messages which are being sent into other software via virtual midi lines. And there's no native support for this controller in Live.

I needed an object to directly talk with the Nocturn from Max/Max4live. In the end, I will connect this object with the Live Api in a Max4live device and, by this, bypass the second pain of using/creating a custom phyton controller script in Live. I mean, a patch is far easier to customize and adapt to personal needs.

This guy obviously found a way to use the usb protocol of the nocturn with python under linux. With his Informations and some usb-sniffing in Windows i was aware of the protocol.

This is coded with the help of libusb-win32, a port of the USB library libusb 0.1 to the Microsoft Windows operating systems. I highly recommend to take a look if you think about custom drivers or custom interfaces for usb devices.

Interessting talks about this topic:

This release has NOT been tested extensively with many different maschines and conditions. Your feedback is really appreciated!