This was the logical step after creating the nocturn object. A m4l device that translates the raw Nocturn in/output to a system of pages to access the different sections of Live's API. The part that was handled by "Automap" and control script before.

This is again a PC-only release because it depends on my 11nocturn object. 

It should be pretty self-explanatory. A user window always shows the mappings and settings of the current page. There's a dedicated button on the controller to show/hide the user window.


  • my old solution (Automap+script) didn't work in Live 9
  • the idea to circumvent installation and configuration of Automap, a control script and so on
  • i like the rotary encoders because they are easy to switch to another parameter and resolution. They're endless which is better for scrolling and navigating than standard 0-127 midi knobs
  • for peace on earth

Working with parameters in the Live Api leads you to a decision on using live.remote~ to make fast but not recordable tweaks or using live.objects for lower-priority but recordable parameter changes.
I used live.object in any case to be able to record automations for device parameters. Now, we finally can do that in session view with Live 9.

Please don't hesitate to send me bug reports or suggestions. I patched this for my own needs and that may have made me blind for certain things. Same is true for growing complexity of patches.

As far as what i have planned, one major update will follow. And maybe i'll add a video to show the basic function of the device. Everything beyond depends on your feedback.