Random Sample Picker

Random Sample Picker

Name: Random Sample Picker
Version: 2.1
Published: 2014/4/12
Updated: 2014/4/28
Type: Ableton Max Device
Platform: ALL

Get a random selection of files from any or all places of the Live browser. Or get a not completely random selection by applying some filters.

To see the results in the Live browser we create symbolic links for the files. The links can be dragged and dropped as you would do with the original file and so is Live referring to the original file. The link creation is done by scripts.

Having access to all your soundfile information via sqlite and NOT having to do the file indexing by yourself is very useful and maybe an interessting part to look at.

Before you can start, two informations are required: Location of Live's database file and the location of a folder to save the links. But that's all described at the device's interface.

The text search fields can hold multiple terms seperated with a whitespace if your search term has whitespace use quotation marks, also if the search term is a number. eg. [bd kick kik bassdrum] The search terms are linked by an OR relation.

The device does not interact with its track. Once you have set the path of db file and link folder, the device will try to save a configuration file at the same location as the device is stored.


Let the maschine surprise you and make more music by accident.



Put into your library and drop it on a midi track.




  • bug fixed, whitespace in the linkfolder path caused an error
  • text search terms are now seperated with a whitespace
  • now possible to exclude by filename text parts
  • save and load presets of the current filter settings


  • released Mac OS version




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Category: Max4Live Devices

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