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We bypass any Automap, midi or control script interface and communicate directly with the USB device. Send numbers to control any LED of the Nocturn and receive button presses, dial / fader movement and touch sensors.

The object was the first step to build an interface to control Ableton Live with my Nocturn without using Novation's Automap: Nocturn4Live Device

Windows users need to replace the driver for the Nocturn with the WinUSB driver. That's easy, check the README.md in the zip.


Source Code:


We make use of libUSB, a cross-platform library to access USB devices libusb.info. The external's source code is completely cross-platform.

Sending and receiving can block the thread so we have a separate thread and buffering for both operations.  

Interessting talks about this topic:



  • complete rewrite
  • now cross-platform and on github
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