11live.addfile beta
11live.addfile beta
Version 2021/06/12
Created 2021/05/26
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Focus in Live needs to be on the target position (a clipslot, a track, a device, ...) before the file is passed over. An added audio file on a midi track will always open with your default setting for dropping samples in Live. I assume that it accepts the same filetypes that you can add with drag n' drop to Live. To replace a drumpad, hotswap needs to be activated before. (can be done with LOM) . But automatic hot-swap of  a sample in a Simpler doesn't work as we can't toggle the sample hot-swap with the LOM.

The zip includes a m4l device so that you can test immediately. 

  • load file into clipslot or track
  • load amxd file
  • load another Liveset (.als)
  • load ableton device (.adv)
  • ...
  • Unfortunately, under Windows OS this method is very slow. (a better solution has yet to be found here). In contrast the file is added quite fast on Mac (see pics below).
  • Batch operations are complex as we can only add one file at a time and have to reset target focus in Live for every file.
  • the external will not work if the device is opened in the m4l editor
  • we can't add vst files as they are handled in a kind of container device in Live
  • we can't add items that you see in the Live browser which are not based on a real file on your harddisk


adding 4 files on Mac

adding 4 files Windows version

Source Code:

on demand



  • tryed to fix some irregularities on Mac part of code
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