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The aim is to augment the capabilities of the Max/Msp programming environment.

By harnessing the power of lower-level languages such as C/C++, we expand the repertoire of objects available to Max programmers, empowering them to create more diverse and advanced functionalities.

Included filetypes:

  • .mxe64 - external compiled for Windows
  • .mxo - external compiled for Mac
  • .maxhelp - related Max helpfile


All Max externals officially published on 11OLSEN.DE are freely available for use and redistribution in any project, regardless of its commercial nature. However, it is required that both the external itself and any derivative works based on its source code remain open-source if distributed.


Put the unzipped folder into the search path of Max/Msp. When updating an external, overwrite the existing files to avoid any confusion. In case of a quarantine warning on a Mac, permit Max to remove the quarantine flags and proceed.

11showfiles 2023/03/26

Reveal files in Explorer / Finder.

11mousewheel 2022/03/01

Monitor mousewheel events of a patcher window.

11live.tools 2022/05/24

Some tools related to the Ableton Live app.

11globalForegroundWindow 2022/03/10

Get and set the SYSTEM-WIDE foreground app / window.

11dragfiles 2022/04/01

Drag files from Max.

11ffload~ 2023/05/14

Load many audio formats into a buffer~.

11nocturn 2022/02/02

Connect with the Novation Nocturn USB device.

11clicks 2022/01/30

Simulate mouse input. Create clicks, cursor movement or wheel movement programmatically.

11strokes 2022/01/30

Simulates keyboard input and sends it to the currently active window.

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